What About Michael Vick?

So, I had a lot of things running through my mind after the latest PR Applications class. In class, we spoke on competition and conflict, and crisis management. All of this made me want to dig deeper, and look into some of the more difficult PR crises that have happened in history.

That’s when I remembered a conversation that I’ve had with a friend of mine about public relations. We were speaking about how difficult it must have been for a publicist to handle Michael Vick’s dog fighting fiasco.

"Eagles vs Redskins 11/15/10" by Matthew Straubmuller

So I looked around a bit, in efforts to find out how his publicist went about dealing with the problem. Eventually, I came across this article that spoke of his “winning strategy”.

This winning strategy consists of rather simple concepts:

  • Reversing His Image Relating to Animals:
    Some might call it a boring cop out, but it has somehow worked out for Vick’s PR game plan. Vick has spoken against what he has done through saying things like “When I was in prison, I was disgusted, you know, because of what I let happen to those animals.” And even the rather cliché “I blame me.
  • Hard Work on Vick’s End:
    Michael Vick worked hard as a football player to improve his reputation among other athletes on the field. Prior to the dog fighting incident, he wasn’t thought of very well.

What I really got out of this is that there is so much more to fixing someone’s public image than simply denouncing statements and doing charitable things. Sometimes, said person needs to do their job ethically, and well.

4 Responses to “What About Michael Vick?”

  1. 1 Maisie L. Katterhenry
    February 6, 2012 at 2:34 AM

    Adrian, this is a very interesting post. I was also interested in researching the “more difficult PR crises” after our class on February 2. The strategy of Michael Vick’s publicist appears much more effective than the strategies of other PR professionals I came across in my research. This is probably because Vick’s publicist chose to be more accomodating, whereas the others PR professionals maintained stances of advocacy.

    I would also like to add that your blog looks very professional – great incorporation of bullet points, hyperlinks, and one photo. I’m impressed!

  2. February 26, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    Adrian, this is a pretty well written and thought out post. I remember hearing about it and my own thoughts on it and him, but it was interesting to see him try and rebuke his past actions and get his reputation back up. I think in cases like this, publicists have a major role to play, but the person themselves has a much bigger role to play in actually changing who they are and meaning what they say. Nicely done

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