How Writers Should Use Social Media

Being that this is a social media class, I figure it would make sense to use Mashable as a resource for these PR Connections.

This week’s entry is about the idea of writers using social media.

"ballpoint" by zenobia_joy

Well, that’s pretty obvious, as it’s titled “10 Pro Tips for Writers Using Social Media.”

To sum it up, here is what the article says:

1.       Sign Up for the Big Networks

If you’re focusing on time and attention, focus on the bigger networks. Of course they all have their different uses, but sometimes you should stick to what others use more.

2.       Interact and Engage – Enthusiastically

Let your “voice” as writer shine through with what you say. Let your content suit the mediums that you’re using. If you’re on twitter, tweet a lot. If you’re on Facebook, post every now and then.

3.       Minimize Self-Promotion

Don’t promote every piece that you write. The author, Matt Petronzio, says “your followers don’t need constant reminders that you’re a great writer.”

4.       Consider Privacy and Comfort Levels

Realize that what you’re saying is open to the world. Realize that sometimes, not all of your Facebook friends care about your “field”.

5.       Find a Happy Medium

Don’t be all “sunshine and butterflies”, but don’t be all depressing either. You need to be professional, not just for your current followers, but for anyone who would like to work with you in the future.

6.       Make Valuable Connections

Connect with people, maybe you can learn something. Maybe any relationships that are developed could be advantageous in the future. But don’t overstuff your feed, that will make it harder to read the tidbits of info that you would want to read.

7.       Keep Up Appearances

Don’t leave your social media accounts unused for long periods of time. That’s considered to be worse than not having one at all.

8.       Aspiring Writers vs. Seasoned Writers

Both sides use social media in different ways. Aspiring writers have the opportunity to write more concisely. Seasoned writers have the opportunity to extend what’s said in their pieces.

9.       Don’t Obsess Over Number of Followers

Don’t sacrifice your identity for numbers. Just be you, and if others are interested, followers will come.

10.   Don’t Force It

If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Nothing is worse than seeing somebody try to do something that they clearly cannot do with a full effort. You can’t force passion.

I think I got a few things out of this, what about you?

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