My Favorite Super Bowl Ad

The Avengers Promotional Poster: Copyright by respective production studio and/or distributor.

Having been a fan of comics for a great part of my adolescent life, it’s easy to assume which Super Bowl commercial was my favorite. Of course I’m talking about Marvel’s new trailer for The Avengers.

What’s there not to like in this? There are things blowing up, people getting kicked and punched, dramatic music, some edge-y dialogue, oh and the more than a few of the leading characters from five of the last Marvel superhero movies that came out in the last few years.

This movie has been hyped for quite a while. There have been some hints (as well as blatant truths) revealed in the latest marvel movies, like the one at the end of Thor. Sure, time plays a big part in this, but what if this just becomes just another over-hyped let down?

This could potentially just milk money out of the wallets of hundreds of thousands of old school comic book fans, their friends, their families, their significant others. Sure there’s due to be a big turnout of casual movie fans, but there should also be a great amount of die-hard action movie fans in attendance.

Sure, there’s really not too much revealed in the dialogue of this ad, other than talk of “being hopelessly outgunned”. But there are brief clips of what appears to be UFOs and jet fighters doing battle, along with more than a few clips of superheroes such as Captain America, Hawkeye, and The Hulk (as well as others) wreaking havoc.

But isn’t that what a 1 minute trailer for an action movie should show? Something long enough to leave a lasting impression in order to motivate the audience into seeking out more info? There’s only so much time that somebody could afford to use in a Super Bowl ad, so an ad for an action movie should show what the movie does best, which is showing clips of… well, action.

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