Life at a PR Firm

If I ever had to choose between working at a pr firm or for a corporation’s pr department, I would pick the pr firm without hesitation.

"X cufflinks" by xharekx33

Think of the idea of working with so many other people, think of how you could collaborate with, and help (or even receive help from) others.

Think of all of the different kinds of projects going on around you. Think of the different phases of those projects. Now think of the idea of all of the professionals working on those specific projects working around you, under the same roof (save for telecommuters). This is because sometimes, you need to work with and through other to things done.

If I wanted to make something of myself in the world of public relations after my first public relations job, I would want to land a job with an already established firm.

Why? This is so that I could have something nicer to put on my resume than simply “public relations associate at ‘x’ corporation.” Instead, I could say “public relations associate at ‘x’ pr firm, having done work with projects a, b, c, and d, with (insert famed pr professional here).”

When I think of working at a pr firm, I think of how there would likely constantly be something fresh and new to work on. Imagine handling pr for a motivational speaker for a few months, and then after that, you work on a campaign for an upcoming blockbuster movie.

The firm sounds like a better idea, right?

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