Happiness in the Workplace

So back in class on February 9th, we had a couple of guest speakers. Through this time, they told us about who they are, what they’ve done in the world of public relations, and how they got into doing what they’ve been doing.

"The Open Road" by Trey Ratcliff

The first speaker was Amy Wiggins, a VP of Communications at the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce. Early into her lecture, Amy told of how her religion degree has actually helped her to use critical thinking and problem solving skills in her profession at the chamber. She touched on how her work life can be hectic at times, but that’s totally fine to her, because it’s what she loves doing.

Up next was Brent Merritt of Southeastern University’s Marketing and PR department, where along with doing various things to publicize the school, he runs the various social networking sites that the school uses. Brent also writes for the Lakeland Ledger, where he covers various sporting events within Polk County. Brent told us about how he had to handle the whole gunman on campus situation earlier this month, and how different things needed to be addressed.

The biggest thing that spoke to me through what these guest lecturers were saying was that they worked very hard to get to doing what they love to do. Most of the way, they loved every bit of it. At the other times, they found different things that they’ve liked and disliked about what they were doing at the time, but they would stick through with it, because they would like to get to where they can love everything that they do.

2 Responses to “Happiness in the Workplace”

  1. February 26, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    Great job on this post, Adrian. It is funny that you wrote this because I just read an article on skills PR students need to work in the industry, but typically do not think about (Here’s a link to it in case you are interested http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/10901.aspx). I know of several other PR professionals who had careers in other, very different industries before switching over. They always have something to say about how they have used those experiences to better the services they provide to clients. That being said, not everyone in the industry originally went to school for and wanted to be in public relations. That is definitely a fact that makes the field so interesting and different.

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