Social Media: Friend or Foe?

So I listened to this podcast that consisted of a discussion between Mark Ragan (posing as a CEO that is refusing to incorporate social media into his corporate communication channels), and about 5 panelists (his team).

"Six writing things" by Phil Gyford

The panelists include:

  • David Biesack (of SAS)
  • Shel Holtz (of Holtz Communication + Technology)
  • Vida Killian (of Dell)
  • Terry McKenzie (of Sun Microsystems)
  • Jim Ylisela (of Ragan Communications)

From what I understood, the idea behind this discussion is to speak of the different ideas that are emphasized in the effectiveness of social media within a corporate setting.

Here are some of the things that are brought up:

  • If every employee has a voice through their blog, who will there be to make any revisions in case of misconceptions and foul play? I believe that rather than revising and changing statements, higher-ups within the corporation should instead counter-act any foul statements made by employees. At the best, this plan would create more of a buzz for the company, and if what is being said is REALLY that bad, then the employee could simply be terminated.
  • If customers are saying things, shouldn’t you be saying things back? There’s no substitute for two-way communication, if everybody else is hopping aboard that train, you need to do the same. When necessary, respond back to customers. It’s up to the corporation to decide the when’s, where’s, and how’s, but the why’s need to be definite.
  • Doesn’t a blog require a commitment? Yes, it does. But there are a variety of benefits that come out of running a corporate blog. Although it’s difficult to find a concrete and tangible correlation between social media engagement and dollar signs, it is definitely worth the time. People will learn who you are if you have an established online brand. It’s as simple as that. Wouldn’t it make sense to do this if you would like for this brand to grow?

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