Earshot Media Interview

So while I was looking around at different publicity agencies for potential internship opportunities, I came across Earshot Media. What makes Earshot so interesting to me is that it mostly works with musicians and record labels instead of the typical business or corporation.

"Bass" by Keoni Cabral

But what is it that makes Earshot really stand out from so many of the other music pr agencies? The answer is simple. They work hard, they have a big client list (Hawthorne Heights, Attack Attack, Never Shout Never, Copeland, plus more) and they have results to go with all of it.

So I dug a bit deeper, and eventually I found this interview that Absolute Punk did with Mike Cubillos, the owner of the agency. Rather than a traditional interview, Mike simply hopped onto the website’s message boards and responded to as many questions from different users as time had allowed.

Some of the more interesting things that I learned from reading through the interview were:

  • Education really doesn’t matter much, if you know your stuff. Really, Mike did so much work with labels during his time in school that he apparently learned most of what he knows through independent learning and actual work.
  • Social media makes things easier. One of the people who asked a question asked if the increasing amount of social media sites and forum sites makes his job more difficult, or easier. Mike responded by saying that it might be a little tough and time consuming to navigate through everything. But he did also say that it works out for him in the long run, because it helps him to pick up more clients that wouldn’t have gained recognition without all of these new social media mediums.
  • Anybody can try to do music publicity, up to a certain point. Relationships take time to develop, and contact lists take time to build. There’s going to be a point where your bands grow beyond your scope, and they’re going to need somebody that can provide for them.

I really got a lot out of reading through this interview, and I’m personally hoping to intern for this publicity agency in the future.

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