Foreign Outsourcing

For years, there’s been this ethical debate in the world of big business. Of course, I am talking about the problem with foreign outsourcing.

"Worker at Seagate tests drives" by Robert Scoble

In case if you don’t know what outsourcing is, or aren’t sure of what it really is, Dictionary.com defines outsourcing with these two definitions:

1. (Of a company or organization) to purchase (goods) or subcontract (services) from an outside supplier or source.

2.  To contract out (jobs, services, etc.): a small business that outsources bookkeeping to an accounting firm.

So there you have it, my personal definition of outsourcing is this: “To use outside sources to get things done.” This is great for cutting costs, and being efficient and productive, but what about the people you’re cutting costs from, your employees?

On a business standpoint, I’m all for outsourcing. You’re doing your job: you’re being efficient and saving money that would be lost. Isn’t the goal of a business to gain a profit anyways?

At least somebody is getting the jobs that are outsourced. These businesses are helping others that live in third world countries! To put this into a whole other perspective, what if it is God’s will for big businesses to assist those in greater need than ourselves?

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