The Benefits of Social Bookmarking

So I started using Diigo earlier today, and I couldn’t help but thinking “wow, this is very addicting.”

"book club" by theloushe

I’ve noticed that the site makes it easy to gather your favorite things into one central place, so that you could access it from a variety of different places. I’m guessing that Pinterest was greatly influenced by these social bookmarking sites, as at the core, it is very similar in function.

What I like about Diigo (and other social bookmarking websites), is that it makes life easy for students and others that work in a setting where they need to use multiple web resources that need to be accessed at any given moment. But how does this help?

Social bookmarking helps you to compile a list of different websites through different devices. Sometimes you work from your own laptop, sometimes you work from the library, and sometimes you even work from the computer lab. The problem with this is that unless if you use some sort of cloud computing or even remote log in, you’re going to have trouble sharing important links with yourself. Also, have you ever thought about the possibility of having your laptop stolen? Social bookmarking helps you to protect yourself from disaster.

Social Bookmarking helps people to share their favorite webpages, and send it out to whoever you would like to see certain sites. Emails become clunk-y, and tweets can become buried underneath others easily. It can all be sent from one place directly into another. Now there’s no possibility for “missing” an important link since sharing links can be simplified with social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking helps you and others to see and collectively moderate a variety of web-resources to sort and categorize. Wouldn’t you love the idea of adding to or fixing others mistakes from the comfort of your own dorm room, house, or apartment, instead of from across the table at a Starbucks? We live in the 21st century, face-to-face interactions are a thing of the past.

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