What I’ve Learned Through My Time In Music Publicity Pt 1

The first thing that I want you (the reader) to be fully aware of, is that I could very well write close to 1000 words about this whole experience, but I won’t, because that would take far too long, and I know that more than likely, you’re going to stop reading this blog post halfway through.

So I’ll cater to the short attention spans that society has given us.

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To start, I’m going to give a brief introduction on how I got into doing music publicity:

I guess it started with this last summer, when I began writing for Christian Music Zine. I primarily write reviews for the site, and in doing so, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various publicists from a variety of backgrounds, like in-house publicists at labels, publicists that work at boutique firms that work with individual artists, and even self-sufficient artists that do their own publicity. Through seeing this end of “the game”, I assumed that I had good enough idea of how it works.

Some time had passed, and I helped a friend’s band put together their press kit. A few months later, the same friend of mine had started up a new band, and I was asked to help with putting together a press kit. Instead of simply offering advice, I offered to actually do some pr work for them as a way to give myself some experience and help them with running a tight ship. A few weeks had passed, and I decided to double my workload by adding on another band.

So that’s really how it all started, I became my own teacher, my own student, my own boss, and my own intern. It ruled to know that I was helping my friends out, but it was kind of discouraging to be working for free. What it took was for me to realize that it was merely temporary, and that there are more benefits in attempting to make something happen with experience under my belt instead of only book knowledge.

I learned how to use social media as a very powerful marketing and publicity tool.

One of the first pieces of advice that I had given Eyes upon working for them was to use certain forms of social media to increase awareness and to reach out to fans and listeners. I typed up a few different ideas into a word doc, included why I had thought of these as good ideas, and then I talked with them as to what would be worth the time and effort.

One of the fruits of the efforts had included using Soundcloud to help online music journalists embed the band’s music into articles, creating a Myspace page for the sake of SEO, and creating a Tumblr page to collect any content the band creates and putting it into one place where it could all be reblogged.

I learned to improve my time-management skills.

Being a student and working close to 25 hours a week only makes things more complicated when it comes to working in this. Oh, and then there’s life. I would say that juggling all of these aspects of my professional life has made me capable of playing “mental scheduling Tetris” where I try to fit the essential pieces in the right slots so that I could take care of everything else that needs to get taken care of.

Like the actual game of Tetris, it really never ends until there is a game over.

I learned to actually plan things out.

This one actually goes hand-in-hand with my last point. This might not sound like all too much of a startling truth, but the crazy thing about time is that you don’t get any of it back. If you procrastinate on something that needs to be done by midnight the next day, you’re only going to hurt yourself. You don’t want anybody thinking less of you because of sub-standard work, and you don’t want to under deliver on campaign results.

Once your time is gone, it’s gone forever. Poof.

3 Responses to “What I’ve Learned Through My Time In Music Publicity Pt 1”

  1. April 12, 2012 at 1:04 PM

    This is a very interesting post. I enjoyed reading it! It is not only cool but also impressive that you have taken your interest in PR and music and have already started getting experience in these areas while you are still in college. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors!
    P.S. The Eyes Band sounds great!

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