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Working independently as both a freelancer and a student has taught me to use whatever is available to me to become more effective at what I do. And among the major things that I’ve learned from the many mistakes that I’ve made is to look at the greater picture, and then look at the individual specifics. And from this, I’ve learned to write EVERYTHING down.

Not just your to-do list, but write down your progress on different projects and assignments, write down ideas that come to mind, write down the names and phone numbers different people that you’ve met. Write down Sometimes, you will forget some of the specifics to a project, and rather than having to look through any notes, handouts, pdfs, and syllabi, you could check only one place to get a quick overview of what needs to get done.

I myself use a combination of Evernote and the notes widget in Windows 7 to make this happen.

Evernote Logo (All Rights Reserved to Evernote)

Evernote is great, because through one program that is usable on a variety of platforms, I can edit, revise, and add to my work. For example, I typed part of this blog from my droid while waiting, I worked on this from a friend’s laptop, and I finished and formatted everything out from my laptop. My favorite things about this is that It’s all pretty efficient, and I can’t make up excuses about not being able to work on pieces because I’m away from my laptop.

The notes widget is useful for putting a variety of things up. Like you can see in my screen shot above, I have a big variety of different notes on my desktop. If I ever become iffy about something, I can just pull the notes up with the press of a button. The problem with this is that I can’t look at these from my phone or any other device, I guess that I could always use Evernote, but the notes widget is so much better because it’s more visual and attention grabbing, which is just what is needed when you’re trying to sort out your tasks from your contacts.

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