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Somehow, I looked over an old topic of the week. My guess is that it was because of spring break throwing everything off balance.

Anyhow, here’s a guest blog post from my friend Ben. You can find it on his blog:

Podcasts are pretty stinking awesome. I am a big fan of them. I used to listen to them a lot when I was in high school, specifically KOXM, the podcast for Official Xbox Magazine. I think the main reason I stopped listening to that every Saturday was because when I came to school, I left my Xbox at home and didn’t keep up with the news as much because the only time I got to play was when I went home for breaks. However, I loved listening to it, and I think companies can learn a lot from that specific one. I also enjoy listening to the Solid State Records Podcast on occasion, as they sometimes bring in artists who I really like listening to to talk about their new albums/tours/etc, and play new releases.

I learned a lot from the OXM guys while listening to their KOXM podcast that I think can apply greatly to many other business podcasts. KOXM is run by two of OXM’s editors and they do a great job of incorporating the audience and keeping up with the news and latest in the Xbox industry. It seems that they don’t post as often as they used to, but they are still doing just as much quality work as when I listened to it. The two editors always do a great job of joking back and forth with each other and have a genuine relationship that they can build off of. They always bring in a producer, artist, designer, etc, of a gaming company that is making a big game coming up that is being talked about primarily in the media, and go into extensive interviews with them. That was my favorite part. A lot of times I would only listen to their podcast if they interviewed somebody working on a game that I was really interested in, but I noticed that listening every week had it’s advantages as they talked about everything around the Xbox industry as well. At the end of the interview before ending the podcasts, they also let listeners phone in and leave voicemail messages concerning questions and comments to be responded to, which I think is one of the best things they could be doing and that companies can learn from. This way, the listeners know that their voice is being heard and they are getting their questions answered. I called in a couple times and it was kind of interesting hearing my own voice in the podcast when they played the message through. Also, they always have some sort of contest. Usually they play a sound bite from a video game and the listeners email in what they think it is, and the KOXM guys select randomly one person who got it right and mail them a random prize.

I think companies can learn a lot from this magazine’s podcast. Keeping your audience engaged is a great way to keep them interested in products, and keep them coming back to listen more. Having contests with actual prizes does the same, and really gets them intrigued on who won and what the sound came from.

From interviewing important people in the industry, to keeping audiences involved, podcasting is very important and I think it’s something a lot of business should be doing as it gets the customers even more in tune with the company and going-ons of the brand.

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  1. April 16, 2012 at 12:00 AM

    Hey! Wait! That’s me! I feel so special! Hahaha. Thanks Adrian.

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