What I’ve Learned Through My Time In Music Publicity pt 2

This is a continuation of an earlier blog post of mine that was similarly titled. In it, I started to talk about all of the different things that I’ve learned through working for myself, under the business name of Torches Management and PR. Some of the things brought up are about working in publicity, and other points are about working independently.

Niagra Falls by Code Poet

I’ve learned to look at things in varying scopes.

Publicity campaigns require you to look at things in many different ways. Sometimes, you need to look at the bigger picture before you want to look at the smaller factors. Other times, it’s the exact opposite. You keep both ideas in mind when deciding your approach, especially knowing that once you start, there’s usually no turning back.

You definitely need to ask yourself the essential “who what when where and why” questions before beginning the planning process, and as you’re going about the planning process, you need to make sure that each individual part of it is doing something to accomplish those goals.

You need to be creative.

Everybody in the music journalism world has read a biography about a band “starting from nothing” and then “becoming something”, “from rags to riches”, or even “reaching for nothing but the top”. As interesting and image-evoking as those sound, you need to come up with other ways to tell a band’s story, especially if you’re pitching to music journalists who have seen and heard it all.

Give them something that they haven’t seen before, and they will become THAT much more likely to work with you. As simple as it seems, the effort requires actually sitting down and thinking things out. Not just with creative pitches to write, but also other marketing ideas. It’s all fluid-like, you need to keep things flowing and refreshing.

glass half-full by Jenny Downing


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