Communication in Local Politics…

For this post, I decided to focus on local politics.

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Local PR practices in politics involve assisting in communicating any governmental decisions. Decisions like any new acts that are being passed. Other things to be considered are the sayings and statements that are issued upon the release of laws and regulations. If said in certain ways, some would not be as willing to comply than if it were worded differently.

As a matter of fact, most of the work is dependent upon word choice, layout, imagery, and content. Typically, the government tries to not evoke much personality into their pr releases, but things change when you are targeting certain demographics. For example, when trying to target minors, you might want to attempt to use humor into your pieces in order to catch attention.

So as a matter of fact, if you’re trying to get a point across, speak it in different ways to yourself. Make sure to vary your word choice on these different go-around’s. Once you’ve taken a look at the different ways to communicate something, be sure to choose the wording that doesn’t allow room for any misinterpretation. One last important point is to include all of the important details associated with the message.


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