Non Profit PR

For this reflection, I’m simply going to talk about what I’ve observed from Soles4Souls, the non profit that a friend of mine works for.

To give some background, Soles4Souls is a Nashville, TN based non profit organization that provides shoes to those in need.

From what I’ve observed, one of the main strategies of Soles4Souls is to actually establish and maintain relationships between themselves and their followers. The primary method of going about this is through social media, as it allows for the brand to reach those that reside miles upon miles away, and to actually work with them to achieve goals, checkpoints and objectives.

Another thing that works with Soles4Souls are the partnerships between the brand and celebrities both within the area as well as national and international. The great thing that I’ve learned from seeing these sorts of things, are that great things can be done when famous celebrities are able to communicate a greater cause.

El norte vive! by Libertinus

To close, I’ve learned that using images to evoke emotions are one of the most sure-fire ways to establish a greater connection. People like seeing pleasing things that make them smile or think. The positives tend to work better, but anything emotion-striking is better than something that is not.


1 Response to “Non Profit PR”

  1. 1 johnyfernandez
    April 23, 2012 at 11:07 PM

    This truly is the future for businesses. It is amazing how much social media has truly changed they way we do everything. I also believe that in order for you to have a business that is well connected with clients one must be well firmed on how their clients are communicating. This day in age people are no longer calling but they are using social media.

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