Polling During Presidential Elections

A lot of ideas come to mind when I think of examples of polling. In this case, I think politically.

Republican Elephant & Democratic Donkey by DonkeyHotey

The presidential election really isn’t all too far away from today. In about 220 days, we’re going to decide on our nation’s next leader. Isn’t that just mind blowing?

Between now and then, the best way for us to gauge how things will turn out for the actual elections is to poll the public on their thoughts and opinions. So the first thought to come to my mind was “How do groups typically go about polling the general public?”

After a little Googling, I eventually found a video that spoke on the important truths in regards to polling.

Some of the major points that are brought up throughout the video are:

George W. Bush didn’t pay much attention to polls.
Who knows why, but his cabinet did. Maybe it all was too much for him, or maybe it was to give an appearance to show that he didn’t care.

In general, national results aren’t looked at, it’s the results of the individual states.
It does help to look at national results to get a general consensus, but the individual states are what matter, so they’re looked at one-by-one.

Nowadays, in certain demographics, we can gauge public opinion through social media.
It’s a good and great measure, but it doesn’t work for all of the other demographics that aren’t so receptive of social media.


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