PR Tactics: Television

This week’s topic covers one of the many tactics used in PR.

Television by dailyinvention

Public Relations in the world of Television broadcasting doesn’t really span that far. Typically, there are only4 standard kinds of delivery in terms of actually presenting content towards directors and producers of a television network.

There are:

News Release
Present what you use for the print media, and hope they can work with it.

The problem with this is that it’s not tailored out for broadcasters. These could easily be ignorable because it doesn’t emphasize a need to be featured in the world of television.

Media Alert
Give the editor/producer a heads up about an upcoming newsworthy event.

These are great, but there are better methods, because in many cases, these can be pretty boring.

Story Pitch
Illustrate the potential story to the editor/producer via email.

The only problem that I see with this is that these tend to come off in an informal way, and they need to be done one at a time. You can’t really spam these out at all.

Video News Release
Basically film a little “bit” on what you’re trying to communicate.

These are great, but everybody will receive the same piece. You really want the different outlets to be displaying different pieces for your brand.


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