What I’ve Learned Through Blogging

I’ve definitely learned a lot about blogging through what I’ve done for my two classes, both Public Relations Applications and Social Media for Journalism and Marketing.

querty by stitch

Here are a few of the major things learned:

I’ve learned to write concisely.

Nobody wants to read through multiple lines of words upon words, especially when it’s all on a computer monitor. Because of this, I’ve managed to “say more through saying less” in my writing. Adjectives are good as long as they’re not piled upon each other, you don’t want to give unnecessary details, because it’s already enough to get a reader to want to read through your content to begin with.

I’ve learned to (try to) stick to a schedule.

At the moment, I’m racing against the clock to get this piece done in time. Had I learned to stick to a schedule earlier in the semester, I wouldn’t be in this situation. Writing to a schedule helps you to pick up any slack that may exist. We need to work within our own deadlines and give ourselves some self-imposed stress to get quality work written.

I’ve learned to be consistent.

This really builds off of the last point, though not completely. Consistency involves the ability to continue to do something, and steadily improve over time. Before this class, I didn’t have that whatsoever. I was an early quitter that would become bored of anything I started pretty easily.


1 Response to “What I’ve Learned Through Blogging”

  1. 1 johnyfernandez
    April 23, 2012 at 10:47 PM

    Adrian, I am very impressed about what you have learned about blogging this past semester. Blogging has honestly changed I write when it comes to digital media. It is amazing how much a class can change you and they way you do everything. One thing that I do share in common with you that I also learned while I was blogging was to stay consistent.

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