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#1: “How I Use Social Media” by Ryan Shea

Twitter’s great! Sure, more than half of my tweets are about music (the field that I work in), but it helps with networking and being up to date on the latest happenings and trends! I don’t know too much about Pinterest, but Tumblr is really addicting, so be sure to watch out with that!

on 1/26/12

#2: “This Generations’ Addiction” by Jessica Winstead

Blogging is definitely a trip! It can be time consuming, but sometimes it feels great to just let your thoughts out for the general public to see. Plus, it’s always a great ego booster to know that people actually care about your opinion. I hope you learn to love it!

on 1/26/12

#3: “imagery” by Jordyn Roe

I love the content you wrote! I totally agree that we are a visually stimulated society. Which brings me to my point, if we are a visually stimulated society, where’s your own example?

Like I said, great work, but my only complaint is that the format that it’s in makes it so tough to read! You should space your thoughts out, and make actual paragraphs. Maybe you should include a picture? You know, like a normal, visually stimulating blog post?

I guess you could be trying to sound poetic, or something. I could totally be missing the point, if that were the case. If that is what it is, then I guess this is all meaningless, other than being a compliment!

on 1/25/12

#4: “Embracing the Groundswell” by Jessica Winstead

I think that the book seems pretty interesting, even the part that you’re covering in your blog. It would be pretty smart for a business to respond back through social media in efforts to establish a better connection with all of their customers. But what do YOU think about it?

on 2/15/12

#5:  “Southeastern University’s Conference 2012” by Taylor Flumerfelt

Hey Taylor, great idea on creating a Storify on Conference! This really makes me feel like I was actually there, even though I really wasn’t. It seems like it must have been a blast! I just wish more people were more people tweeting about what they learned rather than retelling what “x” speaker has said.

on 2/15/12

#6: “More to Offer” by Cynthia Flynn

Wow, I never knew that Poynter offered so much more than just journalism and public relations courses. I should really get onto looking at those pages that you recommended. The idea behind the MediaWire site sounds a little funny though, you know, “news about news”? There might even be something that I’m missing from the general “how to” page, also.

on 2/26/12

#7: “How to take a Vaycay from Technolog-ay” by Rachael LaFlam

Great find, Rachel. I wish I could get away from technology as easily as this article makes it seem to be. Still, scheduling posts and making sure that your co-workers are covering your bases seem to be great tips for anybody that would like some sort of a break from the hectic work place.

on 4/15/2012

#8: “Pinterest” by Jordyn Roe

You know, I never thought of pinterest as something so visual or artistic. All of this time, I’ve thought of it as a place where people can look at different things then “pin it and forget it”. This definitely sheds a new light on what is pretty much a total mystery to me.

on 4/15/2012

#9: “Similarities between Pinterest and… Bacon.” by Ben Herrman

I dig the article, Ben. But the first question that came to mind was: Is Pinterest really as addicting as bacon? I think that if it really were, we would live in a very, very, unproductive society. I think Pinterest is very easy to integrate, but I can imagine that at some point, other people would get sick of seeing it (unlike bacon).

on 4/15/2012

#10: “Infographics” by Maisie Katterhenry

Wow, for whatever reason, I expected some kinds of coffee to be made of more than the ingredients depicted in the infographic. Also, I like how you defined the idea behind most infographics: A simple and visual way to present and describe complicated information.

on 4/15/2012


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