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#1: “PR vs. Journalism: Why Rivalry Hurts Both” by Waxing Unlyrical

There needs to be a balance on both sides for sure. PR people need to be very concise with their pitches, so that journalists can quickly find the more important ones. Whereas journalists need to improve their analytical skills in order to find the better stories that so many PR people are trying to pitch out to them. I believe that as the field progresses, things will work for the better.

on 2/4/12

#2: “Reading Fiction Helps Your Career” by Spin Sucks

It’s always great to read a format different than what you’re used to working with. It makes you more of a well rounded writer, and even like what you (basically) said, a better rounded person. It’s easy to assume that the more social situations you put yourself in, the more they help you be more social, but you hit the nail on the head.

on 2/6/12

#3: “7 Tricks to Tackle the Resistance” by Tiffany Monhollon

This totally motivates me to make things happen! I have read Godin’s “Poke the Box”, and it has definitely inspired me to get up and go out to do something about any productivity problems that I have. But what advice would you give to somebody that gets distracted way too easily?


#4: “Avoid Social Media Overload: 4 Steps to Take Today” by Ashley Zeckman

Wow. As someone who writes so much between personal pleasure, course work for school, hobbies, and part time for my work in music publicity, this has really helped me to prioritize my social media usage. Hoot Suite has proved to be useful for efficient tweeting and reading, I’d completely recommend it to anyone reading this.


#5: “The Face of a New Media Company” by Martin Waxman

Hmm, I haven’t really thought too much about Facebook being an actual media company, but after looking at those advertising numbers, I can’t help but think that it is. PR people do need to focus on grasping social media if they would like to get anywhere with their brand. I think that in today’s world, these new media relations will require a quicker response time on both sides.


#6: “McDonalds May McFail, But They Still Have The Monopoly on Games” by Spin Sucks

I’ve never thought all too much about McDonalds and their Monopoly games until I read this. It really seems to be a big deal once numbers are looked at. It’s great that they’ve adapted to any public response that they’ve received in the past, and ultimately learned to use that for their own expansion.


#7: “Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites –” by Ariel Hyatt

This looks like a very easy and functional way to put together an EPK. I’m definitely going to give this a look next time around. I like how you’re able to include downloadable files for whoever you deem to be worthy of retrieving anything you’re trying to get out to people.


#8: “By the Numbers… Where Social Media is Today” by Gini Dietrich

Wow, these results are definitely pretty eye opening. I can agree that people are becoming more and more drawn to visual networks like instagram, because we live in a very visual society where everything is done in a show and tell kind of way, which I think is great.


#9: “Ariel Hyatt’s Social Media Food Pyramid” by Ariel Hyatt

More bands out there definitely need to catch wind of this concept! Everything needs to be done in moderation, especially self-promotion! I would say that’s the most important to keep watch of posting. Nobody likes being around somebody who only talks about themselves all of the time, why would a fan like to establish a sort of relationship like that with a band that they could like?


#10: “Staying on Top: 4 Ways to be an Expert in Your Industry” by Movin on Up

I agree with this completely. As much as social media is growing within the world, there really is no complete substitute for meeting other people at any industry trade shows. That makes it so much easier to learn more that could potentially be left unsaid in emails and tweets.





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