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Happiness in the Workplace

So back in class on February 9th, we had a couple of guest speakers. Through this time, they told us about who they are, what they’ve done in the world of public relations, and how they got into doing what they’ve been doing.

"The Open Road" by Trey Ratcliff

The first speaker was Amy Wiggins, a VP of Communications at the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce. Early into her lecture, Amy told of how her religion degree has actually helped her to use critical thinking and problem solving skills in her profession at the chamber. She touched on how her work life can be hectic at times, but that’s totally fine to her, because it’s what she loves doing.

Up next was Brent Merritt of Southeastern University’s Marketing and PR department, where along with doing various things to publicize the school, he runs the various social networking sites that the school uses. Brent also writes for the Lakeland Ledger, where he covers various sporting events within Polk County. Brent told us about how he had to handle the whole gunman on campus situation earlier this month, and how different things needed to be addressed.

The biggest thing that spoke to me through what these guest lecturers were saying was that they worked very hard to get to doing what they love to do. Most of the way, they loved every bit of it. At the other times, they found different things that they’ve liked and disliked about what they were doing at the time, but they would stick through with it, because they would like to get to where they can love everything that they do.


How to Build a More Social Company

"108 Glossy Black Comment Bubble Social Media Icons" by Webtreat

So after the latest PR class that covered social media, I began thinking about the different kinds of social media available to the public.  But what really got to me was the idea of all of the different types of social media. This made me want to poke around on Mashable, a social media news site, to see what is new in the world of social media.

So after looking around for a bit, I found this article on building a more social company.

I found out that this article talks of the people that work for the company, the workers that just so happen to be 24/7 representatives for the company online.

At the core, this is what the article tells readers:

Give Interactive Tutorials:
Teach workers how to use social media, and let them do what you’re teaching them to do. i.e.: Custom hashtags, and tweeting photos.

Focus on Fun Ways to Use Twitter:
Make sure that employees know how to use twitter specifically, so that they can use it in the most useful way for them, as individuals. i.e.: Tweeting about tv shows, and food.

Find Influencers Within the Company:
Find the employees that know and love social media, and give them room to use it in various creative projects. i.e.: Documenting a product launch party via Instagram.

Launch a Fun Contest or Internal Campaign:
Create contests to encourage your now social media savvy employees to use social media even more, and to have fun doing it through rewards and prizes. i.e.: listening parties.

Encourage community within your employees through drawing attention towards their activity in a positive way within the workplace.

Get Creative! :
Once you’ve motivated and encouraged employees to use social media effectively, things should work out for themselves. They have the keys and a full tank, all they need to do now is just drive the car somewhere.

This all makes me think that as a customer, I would really be interested in a company that covered all of their bases, and really tried to be unique, creative, and relevant to me through social media. What does this make you think?


What About Michael Vick?

So, I had a lot of things running through my mind after the latest PR Applications class. In class, we spoke on competition and conflict, and crisis management. All of this made me want to dig deeper, and look into some of the more difficult PR crises that have happened in history.

That’s when I remembered a conversation that I’ve had with a friend of mine about public relations. We were speaking about how difficult it must have been for a publicist to handle Michael Vick’s dog fighting fiasco.

"Eagles vs Redskins 11/15/10" by Matthew Straubmuller

So I looked around a bit, in efforts to find out how his publicist went about dealing with the problem. Eventually, I came across this article that spoke of his “winning strategy”.

This winning strategy consists of rather simple concepts:

  • Reversing His Image Relating to Animals:
    Some might call it a boring cop out, but it has somehow worked out for Vick’s PR game plan. Vick has spoken against what he has done through saying things like “When I was in prison, I was disgusted, you know, because of what I let happen to those animals.” And even the rather cliché “I blame me.
  • Hard Work on Vick’s End:
    Michael Vick worked hard as a football player to improve his reputation among other athletes on the field. Prior to the dog fighting incident, he wasn’t thought of very well.

What I really got out of this is that there is so much more to fixing someone’s public image than simply denouncing statements and doing charitable things. Sometimes, said person needs to do their job ethically, and well.

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