The Favorites

Here we are, the last blog post of the semester. This week’s topic is supposed to be about my favorite blog posts that I’ve read throughout the time of this weekly blog assignment.

first place by evelyngiggles

I would say that out of all of the “pr pro” blog posts that I’ve read, my favorite  has to have been the one Ariel Hyatt wrote on her so-called “social media food pyramid”. What made this so favorable is that it was a new and interesting way to gauge and conceptualize the ideal amount of each kind of post that musicians should do through social media. But really, who has thought about doing that with a food pyramid of all things? This has definitely been of a great help for my final project that I’m working on that’s targeted for musicians who would like to become better at using social media.

Of the student posts, it was pretty hard to decide on ONE that was a favorite, and that’s not me just trying to please others, that’s an honest thought, because I have some very talented classmates. However, since this is about favorite blog posts in a social media class, I’ll have to say that one of my favorites have been “tweeting for the greatest reach” by Ember Award nominee, Rachel LaFlam. I really like how concise her writing is, and I try to model that in my own writing. I also really like the way she uses images within her posts, it really seems as if she puts forth a real effort to find unique and creative images to use with her own content! As to the content of this specific post, I never thought about scheduling tweets in such a strategic way!

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  1. April 16, 2012 at 5:57 PM

    Thank you, Adrian! I really appreciate that 🙂 I do strive to do my best to find interesting images to capture the audience, I’m happy that it pays off!

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